What is a party hostel?

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Updated on 15 Oct 2019

What is a party hostel?

You might have heard the term from friends or online, but what is a party hostel exactly? When you’re doing your research for an upcoming trip there’s a big chance you came across the term ‘party hostel’. So for all the people who are not completely sure what a party hostel is, we’ve written this complete blog article.

A party hostel is basically the same as any other hostel with dorm rooms: cheap, mostly young people, close to touristic attractions in the city and aimed at backpackers. But what makes a Party hostel a party hostel? Thats the real question. A party hostel of course offers parties.

That also means a party hostel should include a bar, because where else are the parties held. Normally they offer activities which include drinking, such as pub crawls, beer pong and clubbing. These kind of hostels are the perfect place for making new friends and meeting other travelers in general.

How to find a party hostel in a next destination?

When you’re traveling and you are not sure if there is a party hostel in your next destination, you can of course check our complete overview of party hostels for the country and cities you’re visiting. If you did not find what you were looking for, or if you did find the hostel and you want to go ahead and book it, we recommend using Booking.com or Hostelword.com for booking your next hostel.

Can I filter on party hostels with the big booking websites?

No, unfortunately you can not. That is why we created this website, to make it as easy as possible for you to find out which party hostel is the best in each city. We recommend you to find your hostel as following:

  1. Check our listings and find the top-rated hostel in your next city – By clicking our link you will be automatically redirected to one of the big booking websites, such as Booking.com or Hostelworld.
  2. Watch the pictures to make sure that the hostel you are thinking of going to has everything you need – check if the beds seem comfortable, if the bathrooms are clean and of course: whether the parties seem fun!
  3. Read some extra information on the hostel, like the location, the activities they organize and more
  4. All good? Book it!

What are the advantages of staying in a party hostel?

Well, there are many advantages! We have listed them below.

  • Best place to meet people – Generally party hostels are perfect spots for meeting other travelers from all over the world. You’ll often already meet some other when you’re just in your dorm room, or at the bar or restaurant.
  • Good location – These hostels are always very well situated within cities, so you’ll always be in the perfect spot to watch the city.
  • Cheap! These kind of hostels normally are super cheap, especially when you looking at party hostels in Asia or South America.

What are the disadvantages?

Okay, there are also some disadvantages.

  • Not very clean – Normally these hostels are not exactly clean. The beds, bathrooms and common rooms are not as tidy as in a normal hostel or a hotel.
  • Busy and bustling – these hostels are very busy with people partying and having fun, which also means loud music and drunk people. You’ve got to be able to handle this of course.

To conclude

Party hostels are a perfect place to meet people, have a lot of fun and see the new city or place by day and night. But, you’ve got to be up for some real fun and partying for it to be fun. Hopefully we’ve been able to help you answer some questions on party hostels. If you’re still not sure, just let us know in the comments below.

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