Hoi An Food itinerary: best restaurants in Hoi An for breakfast, brunch & dinner (local & foreign food)

Updated on 25 Feb 2023

Visit Hoi An? Lucky you! I’ve tried plenty of restaurants, cafes and local food in Hoi An and have listed my favorite and best restaurants in Hoi An. 

Once you have traveled for a while in Vietnam you’ll be happy when arriving in Hoi An. This cute little town couldn’t be located better: right in the middle of Vietnam. So if you are either traveling north – south or all the way around you can take a break in the beautiful town of Hoi An. So let’s quickly dive into the food scene of Hoi An. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed!

In this list I cover the best dinner & brunch / breakfast cafe. From local specialties like banh mi, white rose dumplings and cao lau to your avo on toast or just a pizza. Click below what kind of food you’re looking for and you will be direction to the right section of the page:

By the way, we LOVED Hoi An so much that we wished we could extend our stay. Unfortunately we really wanted to see the north of Vietnam too and didn’t have too much time left on our visa, so we could only stay for 3 nights. Need more inspiration about Hoi An?

The best restaurants in Hoi An for International dishes

If you are like us, you enjoy a cappuccino, fresh salad or some classic breakfast options every now and then. Luckily, Hoi An is not lacking gorgeous brunch or western dinner places here. While it’s definitely not comparable with the options in Bali, you do get some great options. Our favorite by far is nourish eatery, near the ancient town. The place is spacious, gorgeously designed and the food not only looks good, but also tastes amazing!

1. The best restaurant in Hoi An for breakfast / brunch 

Nourish Eatery

nourish eatery

Maps: https://g.page/nourisheatery?share
Dishes we tried: granola heaven, nourish bowls, “fish” taco, build your own salad
Price: $$

There were actually quite a few restaurants we wanted to try for breakfast and brunch, but to be honest with you we did not go anywhere other than nourish eatery. It was convenient for us as the place was near the ancient town. But not only that, the food here was exactly how we like to eat. Nourishing, fresh, healthy but also very tasty.

We find most healthy orientated restaurants lacking flavor and texture, but this was absolutely not the case at nourish eatery. We can say so as we’ve literally tried everything here. From the granola bowls to the avo on toast and from the “beef” burger to the Vish tacos. All of the dishes on the main menu are vegetarian, but they also offer the option to build your own salad where they have some options for meat. By the way, the falafel is really the best I’ve ever had, even better than some places I’ve tried in Israel (yes, I know what I am saying!).

Also the staff here is amazing. The tables are on a perfect height for internet nomads like us who like to get some work done. They have plugs everywhere too!

2. The best restaurant for a casual dinner

tok. Bar and Restaurant

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/iNezykzWpoa3c6Ed6
Dishes we tried: different kind of tapas or small dishes
Price: $$$

If you only have a few nights in Hoi An, you have to make a decision where to eat for dinner. It’s hard, because there are plenty of good restaurants out there. From a dining experience with ambiance  in the old town to a more relaxing dinner at the beach. It’s up to you. We’re very happy to find a great casual dinner experience in between the ancient town and the beach though, so called tok. Bar and Restaurant.

The place is a bit far out and prices are quite expensive for Hoi An definitions, but the food, drinks and the experience were gorgeous here. From the beautiful view overlooking the rice paddies to the outstanding service. It was worth every penny!

3. The best place for a dinner near the river (one of the best restaurants in central Vietnam)

Cobb Restaurants

Maps: https://g.page/cobb-restaurant?share
Dishes we tried: Ratatouille, cauliflower steak, striploin beef steak, chicken leg confit
Price: $$$

If you are craving pasta or a delicious burger: Cobb restaurant is the place to go to. It was actually the best dinner place in central Vietnam, foodwise. It’s owned by a Japanese couple (the guy is a chef I believe) who really knows what they are doing. It’s a little bit of the ancient town, but not too far from the Japanese covered bridge. Not only is this a good place for food, we also found some of the best wines here in central Vietnam. It’s a bit more expensive (min. 150.000 for a dish), but really worth it.

It’s actually also our favorite place to watch the sunset. There aren’t many sunset places in Hoi An, but this place is in front of the thu bon river and you can get a taste of the sunset although the sun will disappear at one point under the buildings. Because it’s a bit out of the old town, it’s very calming!

Double check the menu, as they do change the menu sometimes. 

4. The best place for Indian cravings

Ganesh Restaurant

Maps: https://g.page/ganeshhoian?share
Dishes we tried: chicken kebab, different curries, coconut milk soup
Price: $$$

On the third night we visited Ganesh food based on a recommendation from a friend. My boyfriend and I are both big lovers of Indian food, especially when done well. It might be quite a weird recommendation to visit an Indian restaurant in Hoi An, but trust me, you won’t regret it. All the flavors here are just amazing!

Our favorite place for coffee

Although we did love the coffee at nourish eatery, the best – and most creative coffees – you find at the Espresso Station in Hoi An. The guy started this cute little cafe in the house of his grandmother who unfortunately passed away. Their espresso coffee and Vietnamese coffee are one of the best you will find in central Vietnam. They also serve a charcoal coffee which you should definitely try!

Good to know: it’s near banh mi queen and they allow you to bring your own food from outside (at least we saw locals bringing in their banh mi). 

Where to eat near the beach? (An Bang beach)

An Bang might not be the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been, but I do like the ambiance here. You’ve quite a few restaurants here to try, ranging from Italian food to a more beach club kind of vibe (check out: Shore Club). If you fancy seafood you should definitely consider this place. We also saw a great looking burger place called Burger craft, although we didn’t have time to try it. They also have a place near the ancient town by the way!

Last but not least, if you like craft beers you should definitely try Tiki 7 by 7 Bridges (sorry, after updating our blog post it appeared to be closed).

The best restaurants in the rice paddies

There are quite a few places to chill and relax while overlooking the rice paddies. One of our favorite restaurants is tok. Bar and Restaurant as mentioned before. Another place which is great for the mornings or late afternoons is Roving Chillhouse. We actually haven’t been there but heard good stories about it and passed by one day on the bicycle when cycling through the paddies (which we really recommend to do, especially in the early morning).

The best place for a drink

There are probably plenty of places to try a drink in Hoi An, but we only got to try Market bar near the central market. The place has a nice balcony and when we’re there they were also playing live music. They have some snacks and I heard that their fish and chips is really amazing. We can only judge the drinks and they were really good too!

If you like a glass of wine with a chunk of cheese then you should really try the Hill Station. We went there late afternoon and it was a good decision. The building is amazing, it really looks like the oldest building in Hoi An (but what do we know). I believe that they have a happy hour at the end of the afternoon, but it’s best to check if this is still on. Buy one glass of wine, get one for free. That doesn’t sound bad, hey?

Best restaurants in Hoi An for Vietnamese food

We got you, Vietnamese food is SOOOO good! Some travelers prefer to only eat local food when traveling, but we are open for any kind of food, as long as it hits our taste buds. Even though there are plenty of opportunities to go after your western food cravings, we still tried some of the local food. 

By the way, did you know that Hoi An has some local specificities you won’t really find anywhere else in Vietnam? You MUST try them all. White rose dumplings, fried wontons, chicken rice, mi quang noodles and banh xeo are “Hoianese” dishes. You can try them all by hopping from one food stall to food stall or just in one afternoon by joining a street food tour. Don’t worry, we’ve listed some of the best food tours here as well.

1. The best Vietnamese restaurant overall

Com Linh

Maps: https://g.page/comlinhhoian?share
Price: $$
Dishes we tried: mi quang, deep fried tofu, bun cha with grilled pork and a soup with fried wontons (forgot the name, but it was delish!)

To be honest: we could eat every day at Com Linh. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant owned by a Vietnamese couple from the north. They offer a wide range of Vietnamese dishes: from classic local dishes like pho to the dishes that Hoi An is famous for. We’ve tried quite a few dishes here and loved them all! Even though the menu is quite extensive, it does not affect the quality of the food. We were not the only one who loved this restaurant, because it’s busy all day long.

The place is near Hoi An’s central market and near banh mi phuong. It’s a perfect place for lunch after spending your morning in the old town. 

2. The best banh mi in town

Banh mi Queen

Maps: https://g.page/Madamkhanh?share
Dishes we tried: banh mi opla (= banh mi served with egg), chicken banh mi
Price: $

We found by far the best banh mi’s in Hoi An during our trip in Vietnam. We learnt that locals argue where to get the best banh mi. We even had a discussion with a western couple too. They enjoyed the bahmi from Banh Mi Phuong more than we enjoyed one from the Banh Mi Queen. For us there was no doubt: the bahmi we ate at Banh mi Queen was by far the best one we’ve eaten. It was more sophisticated, authentic and tasties than the one we ate at Banh Mi Phuong, although we did enjoy the vegetarian Banh Mi more at Banh Mi Phuong. 

So if you are vegetarian we recommend Banh Mi Phuong, also because you can add slices of avocado here (which is not authentic obviously). Last but not least, try them both and decide for yourself which one you like better!

Funny fact, Madam Khanh was the owner of Banh mi Queen and its secret recipes. You’ll see a photo of her hanging on the wall. Unfortunately she passed away during Covid time. You can still find her husband there, he is in charge of counting the money. 

By the way, if you are vegetarian you need to know this word “ăn chay”. It means vegetarian. In Hoi An most locals speak proper English, but that is definitely not always the case outside Hoi An of Da Nang. Also, be aware that they still might add liverwurst / minced meat into your banh mi, so be aware!

3. The best restaurant for Chicken rice

Cơm Gà Phúc

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/2gsKcvt3ChBVhCm49
Dishes we tried: chicken rice
Price: $

If you ask locals where to find the best chicken rice, they will all point to Trần Cao Vân street, also called the “chicken rice street”. You find plenty of food stalls here that sell chicken rice. Unfortunately we were not able to try them all, but we did really enjoy the chicken rice at Cơm Gà Phúc, a local stand on the corner of Trần Hưng Đạo and Trần Cao Vân. This place is runned by a cute old couple who even speak a bit of English. They don’t seem to be too friendly, but if you keep on smiling they will eventually smile back (haha). 

Chicken rice is actually a real simple dish consisting of yellow turmeric rice, shredded chicken, Vietnamese basil, sliced onion and pickled carrot / papaya. It also comes with a chicken broth. Add some soy sauce with chili’s or fish sauce and you are ready to go!

4. The best restaurant for dinner

Seashell by Nu Eatery

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/n8x1GBeWqDP8pJB4A
Price: $$
Dishes we tried: pork belly steamed buns, fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, Pomelo salad, sesame chicken rice, fried chicken slider and the cheesecake (of course)

We really loved this restaurant. It’s not only the best dinner restaurant for Vietnamese food, but also for its ambiance, a glass of wine and a dessert. It’s a place to enjoy creative Vietnamese food with some fusion Asian dishes too. The pork belly steamed buns were actually the best ones we’ve ever eaten. It’s quite a romantic spot actually, by how they have created the ambiance with the lights here – even though the building itself is a normal Vietnamese house.

Unfortunately we realized that this place closed during Covid, same for the other famous restaurant they own called Nu Eatery. We really hope it opens again, as it’s a big miss in Hoi An’s dinner scene. Instead we recommend you to try Morning Glory Restaurant, although we haven’t been to this restaurant, it’s quite famous and right in the center of the old town. Beware that the Morning Glory restaurant can be quite busy, so you might want to make a booking.

Morning Glory Restaurant

Maps: https://g.page/MGOriginal?share
Price: $$$
Dishes: Vietnamese food

5. The best restaurant for mi Quang noodles & banh xeo

Pho Xua

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/nhxktW8mxr5QWowB8
Price: $$
Dishes we tried: mi quang noodles, white rose dumplings, Vietnamese spring rolls, fried wontons, banh xeo

We love Mi quang, a dish originated in the quang nam province (it’s actually from Da nang). It has the perfect balance between savory, texture and freshness. Mi Quang typically consists of thick rice noodles, bean sprouts, fresh greens, peanuts, pickled vegetables, meat of choice, toasted sesame rice crackers, a chicken broth and quail eggs.

As mentioned before we only had three days, so we were not able to try Pho Xua, located near the old town and Hoi An’s central market. Pho Xua offers a variety of local dishes, but the best dishes here are the real local dishes (meaning: Hoi An Food). This is also a good place to try white rose dumplings, vietnamese spring rolls and fried wontons.

There are probably plenty of other local stalls to try Mi Quang. We heard that My Quang Bich is also worth trying!

Also, we really enjoyed the banh xeo here. A bit oily, but Oh So tasty! Banh Xeo is an interesting dish, made of fried rice flour batter with minced meat (pork belly and shrimp) and bean sprouts. Funny fact: it’s also called a Hoi An pancake. You roll the pancake into the rice paper and dip them into nuoc mam sauce (Vietnamese fish sauce). The crunch of the fried rice paper and the saltiness of the dipping sauce are an incredible combination!

3. The best restaurant for white rose dumplings

White Rose Restaurant

Maps: https://g.page/whiterosehoian?share
Price: $$
Dishes we tried: white rose dumplings

White rose dumplings are those types of food you either like or don’t like. We really enjoyed it and found it to be perfect “beer food”. The white rose dumplings are made of rice flour filled with minced pork and topped with crispy shallots. It comes with a dipping sauce. We don’t really know the ingredients, but there is most likely something “fishy” inside of there.

Where to enjoy the white rose dumplings better than the white rose restaurant? You find this restaurant in Hai Ba Trung, on the way to the ancient town. We actually only came here for the white rose dumplings and to be honest after hoppings restaurants all day we did not have much space left to try other Vietnamese dishes here at White Rose Restaurant.

7. The best restaurant for cao lau noodles with grilled prok

Cao Lau Thanh

Maps: https://g.page/Caolauhoian?share
Price: $
Dishes we tried: Cao Lau (eat cao lau like a local)

Eat cao lau when you’re in Hoi An, because you won’t find it anywhere else in Hoi An. Cao lau noodles is a special noodle dish, consisting of thick rice noodles (we believe it’s made from brown rice noodles, so it’s healthier and filling too), grilled, fresh greens & herbs, bean sprouts, rice crackers, grilled pork and pork skin. What is so special about this dish is the water they make the noodles with. A better explanation to this you find here.

We found Cao Lau Thanh actually by accident, but really enjoyed the cao lau here. It was also very cheap, around 30.000 VND per bowl.

Where to go for street food?

There are plenty of places to go to in Hoi An for gorgeous street food. As mentioned before, you find the best chicken rice in the “chicken rice street” called Trần Cao Vân street. For other Vietnamese classic dishes you can try the hoi an’s central market. Inside you got plenty of options here. Another area we recommend for Hoi An food is the night market. Although it’s a bit touristy, you still find some awesome local dishes here. 

The best street food Hoi An tour

If you want to try all the Vietnamese dishes that originated in Hoi An in just one afternoon then we recommend joining a food tour. A typical food tour brings you to the central market where you find a lot of local food stalls. You will get an explanation for each dish and really eat like a local! 

We haven’t done any, so it will be hard to give any recommendations related to food tours in Hoi An but we heard some travelers we met about Eat Hoi An (you can have a look yourself)

The best cooking class

For the best cooking school in Hoi An we’d recommend checking out the reviews on Tripadvisor. 

FAQ related to restaurants in Hoi An

Which dish is Hoi An famous for?

Hoi An is famous for quite a few dishes you won’t find anywhere else in Vietnam. We actually really enjoyed Hoi An food! In short, Hoi An is famous for: cao lau noodles, chicken rice, fried wontons and white rose dumplings. The banh mi might originally not come from Vietnam, we did find Hoi An’s banh mi’s the best. Another dish that is originally from Da Nang (quang nam province) is mi quang, a delicious rice noodle dish!

Where do you find the best breakfast / brunch in Hoi An?

As mentioned in our article about the best restaurants in Hoi An, we’ve only made it to Nourish Eatery as it was near our accommodation and not too far from the ancient town. To be honest, this place is one of the best brunch places I’ve ever been to. The food is just amazing and so is the staff and the design of the place.

What is the most luxurious restaurant in Hoi An?

This is probably an aubergine restaurant, although we haven’t been able to go there. Thirty Seven Woodfired Grill + Bar is another place worth trying (update: it closed after covid). Restaurants that were a bit fancier, but maybe not luxurious, we tried are: Bonn restaurant & tok. Bar and Restaurant.

What food is Hoi An known for?

Hoi An is known for the following dishes: cao lau noodles, chicken rice, fried wontons and white rose dumplings.

What is traditional Vietnamese food?

The Vietnamese cuisine is actually very diverse and has a lot more to offer than its worldwide famous pho noodle soup. Other Vietnamese dishes to try are: bun cha, Cha ca (gorgeous street food), banh xeo, cao lau, rau muống (morning glory), bun bo hue, banh mi and goi cuon. These dishes are originally street food, but you find them as well in a fancier Vietnamese restaurant. Also, don’t forget to try Vietnamese coffee.

Where to eat the best seafood in Hoi An?

Believe it or not, but we are not big on seafood. If you do want to try good seafood we recommend you to go to a seafood restaurant in Da Nang, near Hoi An. We’ve been to Nhà hàng hải sản Đà Nẵng and it was really amazing, so fresh as the restaurant is near by the sea.

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