Morning Delights: A Casual Guide to Vienna’s Top 15 Breakfast Hangouts

Updated on 09 Aug 2023

Vienna is a city that loves its breakfast, and boy, does it know how to do it right! So whether you’re a local or just swinging by, we’ve got you covered with 15 wicked spots to kick-start your day. From hipster joints with avo-toast to old-school cafes dishing up hearty Austrian grub, Vienna’s breakfast scene is a treat! Oh, and most of these joints serve up brunch right through ’til the afternoon, and yup, they’ve got your boozy brunch sorted too. So, folks, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and dive into Vienna’s breakfast scene!

1. Café Schopenhauer 

Café Schopenhauer Vienna
Source: Café Schopenhauer 

($$, 18th District, Staudgasse 1, 1180 Vienna)

This charming café nestled in Vienna’s 18th district serves a delightful fusion of traditional Viennese and global breakfast treats. It’s a cool blend of old-world charm and modern flair, with marble-topped tables, high ceilings, and rustic floors. Make sure to try their wicked avo-toast, eggs in a glass, and the buttered kaiser roll.

2. Figar 

Figar Vienna
Source: Figar

($$, 7th District, Schottenfeldgasse 88, 1070 Vienna)

Figar’s got your back for international breakfast goodies in Vienna’s hip 7th district. Their eggs Benedict on sourdough and avo-toast are off the hook, and the decor is as trendy as it gets. Be warned – this place can get busy, so reserve your spot!

3. Café Prückel 

Café Prückel Vienna
Source: Vienna Info

($$, 1st District, Stubenring 24, 1010 Vienna)

With its grandeur, mid-century charm, and massive location on the Ringstrasse, Café Prückel is an absolute must-visit in the 1st district. The place is massive, and the massive mirrors and windows are a treat!

4. Sneak In 

Sneak In Vienna
Source: Sneak In

($$, 7th District, Neubaugasse 12, 1070 Vienna)

Sneak In, in the buzzing 7th district, is the place to be for vegan scrambled “eggs”, shakshuka, and huevos rancheros. With a sleek, modern design, it’s a nice change from the traditional Viennese vibe.

5. Espresso Burggasse 

Espresso Burggasse Vienna
Source: Vienna Wurstelstand

($$, 7th District, Burggasse 57, 1070 Vienna)

Stepping into Espresso Burggasse is like stepping into a 1960s movie set, with neon signs, red leather benches, and quaint little tables. This cool spot in the 7th district is totally worth checking out.

6. Cafe in der Burggasse 24 

Cafe in der Burggasse 24 Vienna
Source: Vienna Wurstelstand

($$, 7th District, Burggasse 24, 1070 Vienna)

This café is super trendy, with hipsters loving the eclectic decor and hanging out with their laptops. It’s in the 7th district and is a top spot for watching the world go by with a good cup of joe.

7. Café Frida 

Café Frida Vienna
Source: Vienna Wurstelstand

($$, 16th District, Yppenplatz 2, 1160 Vienna)

Café Frida, located in a fast-changing neighborhood, caters to the cool crowd with Mexican-inspired breakfast offerings. It’s a great place to see the changing face of Vienna, especially if you manage to grab a table outside in the warmer months.

8. Hildebrandt Cafe

Hildebrandt Cafe Vienna
Source: Vienna Wurstelstand

($$, 8th District, Lange Gasse 34, 1080 Vienna)

Inside the historic Palace Schönborn, in the 8th district, you’ll find Hildebrandt. This place is a hit with the trendy locals, who love the mix of old and new.

9. Drechsler 

Drechsler Vienna
Source: Kurier

($$, 6th District, Linke Wienzeile 22, 1060 Vienna)

Drechsler, in the 6th district, is a popular spot for stylish locals and tourists. They serve an all-day breakfast menu that includes everything from French toast to avo-toast. Book ahead – it gets pretty busy.

10. Meinklang Hofladen 

Meinklang Hofladen Vienna
Source: Die Presse

($$, 5th District, Margaretenstraße 51, 1050 Vienna)

This winery-based store is not just about natural wines. They’re super committed to sustainable farming and serve dishes made with their own produce.

11. Propeller 

Propeller Vienna
Source: Kurier

($$, 5th District, Margaretenstraße 55, 1050 Vienna)

In the vibrant 5th district, you’ll find Propeller, known for its awesome service and trendy breakfast options. It’s always a good idea to book ahead, especially if you want a seat by the massive windows.

12. Wirr 

Wirr Vienna
Source: Vienna Wurstelstand

($$, 7th District, Burggasse 70, 1070 Vienna)

Right in the heart of the 7th district is Wirr, a favorite for expats and hipsters. With a cool interior, friendly staff, and tasty dishes, it’s a must-visit spot in Vienna.

13. Cafe Korb

Cafe Korb Vienna
Source: Vienna Wurstelstand

($$, 1st District, Brandstätte 7-9, 1010 Vienna)

This café in the city center is a historic hotspot for underground artists. With mid-century interiors and an eccentric restroom, it’s a unique experience, to say the least.

14. Zimmerservice 

Zimmerservice Vienna
Source: Lokal Tipp

($$, 8th District, Laudongasse 8, 1080 Vienna)

This cozy, family-run café in the quiet 8th district serves up freshly made breakfast dishes daily. It’s perfect for a quick coffee-to-go or a relaxed brunch.

15. OBEN 

OBEN Vienna
Source: OBEN

($$, 7th District, Urban-Loritz-Platz 2a, 1070 Vienna)

On the top floor of Vienna’s central library, Oben offers stunning city views alongside a varied breakfast menu. This is a great spot for locals and visitors alike to kick-start their day.

So there you have it! These breakfast joints aren’t just about food; they’re about soaking in the culture of Vienna, from the hip to the historic. So grab your knife and fork and prepare to dive head-first into the best breakfast Vienna has to offer! Enjoy!

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