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Updated on 16 Aug 2023

Rise and shine, New York City! The city that never sleeps also never fails to deliver mouthwatering breakfast options that are as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. So whether you’re a local in search of a new spot or a tourist wanting to taste the finest of the Big Apple, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 15 picks for the best breakfast in NYC, tailored to every palate, mood, and budget.

1. El Floridita Restaurant

El Floridita Restaurant
Source: Floridita NYC

4162 Broadway, New York. ($-$$)

You can find this gem tucked away in Washington Heights, open 24/7. Known for their delectable sandwiches, especially the Cubano – a delicious combination of fatty ham, roast pork, and Swiss cheese – it’s a breakfast worth waking up for. Their diverse menu also offers dishes like bacalao, mofongo, and breakfast classics like French toast and pancakes.

2. Buvette

Source: The New York Times

42 Grove St, New York. ($$$)

Located in the heart of the West Village, Buvette is a cozy French bistro with an enchanting, rustic charm. Try their Croque madame with prosciutto or the waffle sandwich swimming in butter and maple syrup for a lavish breakfast. Remember, the place is small, so it’s best enjoyed solo or with a plus one.

3. Lodi

Lodi NYC
Source: Eater NY

1 Rockefeller Plaza, New York. ($$$-$$$$)

Think of Lodi as an upscale Au Bon Pain, catering to the 1% in Midtown. They serve breakfast dishes that go beyond the ordinary – think blood orange bombolones, egg paninis, and spinach and pecorino frittatas.

4. Café Sabarsky

Café Sabarsky
Source: Twitter

1048 5th Ave, New York. ($$$$)

Perched on the Upper East Side, Café Sabarsky offers a slice of Vienna in NYC. Picture yourself in a wood-paneled room, enjoying smoked trout crepes while overlooking Central Park. Pair your breakfast with a kaffee crème for the complete Viennese experience.

5. Old John’s Diner

Old John's Diner NYC
Source: Time Out

148 W 67th St, New York. ($$-$$$)

Having reinvented itself in 2021, Old John’s Diner has held onto its classic charm. This quintessential Upper West Side spot serves up a mouthwatering array of breakfast dishes – from fluffy buttermilk pancakes to light options like a quinoa bowl.

6. Bo’s Bagels

Bo's Bagels nyc
Source: Eater NY

235 W 116th St, New York. ($-$$)

Get ready for a bagel bonanza at Bo’s in Harlem. Their bagels are made from scratch and have a distinctive chewy inside and crispy outside. Don’t miss the Nacho Camacho with chili, jalapeño cream cheese, and lettuce, or keep it classic with a melty egg-and-cheese sandwich.

7. Comfortland

Comfortland nyc
Source: DoorDash

4009 30th Ave, New York. ($-$$)

Comfortland in Astoria is your go-to place for a quick yet satisfying breakfast. Indulge in a hearty McGruffin or sweet treats like red velvet cream donuts. Their fried chicken sandwiches and various burgers will leave you spoilt for choice.

8. For All Things Good

For All Things Good nyc
Source: Eater

343 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn. ($$)

As the name suggests, this place in Bed-Stuy serves breakfast dishes that are good for your taste buds and your soul. Try their Oaxacan-style memelas topped with fried eggs or tlayudas covered in refried black bean spread and chili oil for a Mexican breakfast like no other.

9. Golden Diner

Golden Diner NYC
Source: Time Out

123 Madison St, New York. ($$)

Welcome to a unique fusion of breakfast dishes at Golden Diner in Two Bridges. From BEC on a soft scallion milk bun to a buttery tuna melt on rye filled with salt and vinegar chips, each dish is influenced by Korean, Japanese, Thai, or Chinese cuisine.

10. Kopitiam

Kopitiam nyc
Source: Kopitiam

151 E Broadway, New York. ($-$$)

Located on the Lower East Side, Kopitiam offers a wide array of Malaysian dishes starting from 10 am. Whether it’s a hot plate of sugar-coated French toast or fish ball soup, this counter-service joint brings a taste of Malaysia to NYC.

11. Russ & Daughters Cafe

Russ & Daughters Cafe
Source: Russ & Daughters Cafe

127 Orchard St, New York. ($$$)

Operating since 1914, Russ & Daughters is a legend in the Lower East Side. A favorite among locals and tourists alike, they offer a stunning selection of bagels, sable, latkes, and omelets with nova.

12. K’Far

K'Far nyc
Source: Eater NY

97 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn. ($$$)

Part of The Hoxton hotel in Williamsburg, K’Far is a low-key Israeli restaurant. Bright, leafy, and perfect for lounging with your laptop, K’Far serves a delightful array of breakfast options like babka or an egg sandwich on a Jerusalem bagel.

13. Colina Cuervo

Colina Cuervo nyc
Source: The Infatuation

759 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn. ($-$$)

This Crown Heights café is always bustling with locals enjoying everything from pork hash with pickled vegetables and hominy to chorizo and egg tacos. It’s an excellent place for a casual coffee or a full breakfast spread.

14. Breakfast by Salt’s Cure

Breakfast by Salt's Cure
Source: Breakfast by Salt’s Cure

27 1/2 Morton St, New York. ($$$)

An LA import, this all-day café in the West Village is famed for its oatmeal griddle cakes. These pre-sweetened delights come in blueberry, banana nut, and chocolate chip. Their menu also boasts savory dishes like fried chicken and egg sandwiches.

15. Aubergine Cafe

Aubergine Cafe nyc
Source: Reddit

49-22 Skillman Ave, Woodside. ($-$$)

This quaint corner café in Woodside offers a simple and delightful breakfast menu. From avocado toast to overnight oats, Aubergine has something for everyone. Don’t miss their iced mochaccinos and chai spiced lattes for a caffeine boost.

There you have it, folks! Whether you’re a bagel devotee, a breakfast taco enthusiast, or a classic pancakes lover, New York City has got you covered with these 15 best breakfast spots.

Wrapping Up with the Best Morning Bites

And that’s our round-up of the must-visit breakfast hotspots across the diverse neighborhoods of New York City. Each place we’ve listed offers a unique take on breakfast, promising a tantalizing start to your day. Be it a hearty American-style breakfast, a French culinary treat, or a flavorful Asian delicacy, NYC’s breakfast scene will leave you spoilt for choice. So get ready to kick off your day in the most delectable way possible. Remember, in a city as food-centric as New York, the perfect breakfast is always just around the corner. Happy eating, folks!

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