Rise and Dine: Your Guide to the Best Breakfast Spots in Barcelona

Updated on 10 Aug 2023

Barcelona may not have been a forerunner in the brunch game until recent times. That might be attributed to its residents’ penchant for later meals. However, this tide has turned, and Barcelona now boasts a multitude of venues serving delicious breakfasts that could make anyone’s mouth water.

Typically, Spanish breakfasts have been on the simpler side. Locals prefer a laid-back café con leche and croissant, as they often reserve their heartiest appetite for lunch. However, Barcelona’s breakfast scene is in the midst of a revolution, thanks to a plethora of global culinary trends. Brunch has transcended the confines of a hasty meal; it has evolved into a sumptuous morning banquet.

You will be spoilt for choice with the variety of global flavors on offer. Think American, Mediterranean, Israeli, Latin American, Spanish, and Catalan. Be prepared for tantalizing dishes from shakshuka to stacks of pancakes to the traditional tortilla de patatas. It’s a worldwide culinary expedition served on your breakfast dish!

Top Breakfast Spots in Barcelona

Looking to jumpstart your day in Barcelona with an appetizing breakfast? You’re fortunate! We’ve collated a list of the best breakfast places in the city, each boasting a distinct ambiance and a menu to tantalize your taste buds. Prepare for this flavourful adventure, and we’ve also made sure to consider your budget!

La Esquina

La Esquina Barcelona
Source: Time Out

Located within a stone’s throw from Plaça de Catalunya, this venue effortlessly fuses American and Spanish cuisines. Relish the crunchy croquetas, eggs baked with chorizo and tomatoes, and the notable fried chicken sandwich. The cost may be slightly steep ($$$), but it’s entirely worth the splurge.


Norte Barcelona
Source: TripAdvisor

Formerly a humble bar, it now serves as a repository of culinary wonders from the Basque and Galicia regions. The menu spans from scrambled eggs accompanied by bread slathered in tomatoes to sandwiches filled with melting cheese and ham. It’s deliciously affordable ($$).

Federal Café

Federal Cafe Barcelona
Source: Federal Café

Operated by two Australians, this café provides a tranquil refuge in Sant Antoni. It’s an ideal spot for savoring a simple coffee or their signature pancakes topped with bananas and chopped walnuts ($$).

Casa Alfonso

Casa Alfonso Barcelona
Source: Barcelona Film Commission

Founded in 1934, it’s recognized for its sparkling cava and hearty sandwiches. Step into a realm of culinary heritage and flavors, which are fairly priced ($$).

MACBA Cafè Chichalimoná

MACBA Cafè Chichalimoná
Source: Plate Selector

Adjacent to the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, this café’s design is modern and minimalist, reflecting the museum itself. It serves contemporary, budget-friendly meals ($$).

Can Dendê

Can Dendê
Source: Time Out

This Brazilian-owned gem in El Poblenou is the perfect spot for brunch at any time of the day. Their eggs benedict topped with smoked salmon is divine, albeit a little expensive ($$$).

Brunch and Cake

Brunch and Cake Barcelona
Source: Mini Guide

Dedicated to brunch, this place serves traditional dishes with an innovative spin. Indulge in your banana bread, scrambled eggs, or savoury waffle in style. The prices are moderate ($$).

Granja Petitbo

Granja Petitbo Barcelona
Source: Granja Petitbo

Located near the renowned Sagrada Família, this café is a delight with its vintage setting and fantastic menu, which includes homemade cakes and a complete English breakfast. It’s a great mid-range choice ($$).

Ugot Bruncherie

Ugot Bruncherie
Source: Time Out

Offering Israeli-influenced brunch, try their fire-roasted eggplants or choose from four varieties of shakshuka. The cost is affordable ($$).

Street Tacos

Street Tacos Barcelona
Source: Le Cool Barcelona

This low-key beachside eatery is perfect for a late morning bite. They’re known for their tacos al pastor and veggie chili tacos, and the prices are bargain-friendly ($).

Milk Bar and Bistro

Milk Bar and Bistro Barcelona
Source: Milk Bar and Bistro

Opened by Californians in 2005, this was one of the city’s earliest brunch spots. It has a broad brunch menu served until 4.30 pm – ideal for night owls! The prices may be high but are well justified ($$$).

So, fellow food enthusiasts, this list should propel you on your quest to discover Barcelona’s best breakfast spots. Delight in this gastronomic escapade!

Concluding the Barcelona Breakfast Quest

There you have it – the ultimate guide to breakfast in Barcelona. Whether you’re partial to American and Spanish sizzlers, light Israeli brunches, or succulent tacos, the morning food scene in Barcelona has something for everyone. With choices to suit all pockets, you’re bound to find a place that aligns with your taste and budget. So, set your alarms, don your comfortable shoes, and embark on a gastronomic morning journey through Barcelona’s lively streets. Enjoy your meal!

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