The 20 Unforgettable Hotels in Vienna for a Majestic Stay

Updated on 07 Aug 2023

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is often touted as the City of Music, being the birthplace of many classical music maestros. Besides its rich historical and cultural past, Vienna is also known for its stunning architecture, scrumptious cuisine, and, most importantly, its vibrant and diverse hospitality scene. This article lists 20 of the most amazing hotels in Vienna, each providing a unique stay that is bound to make your visit memorable.

1. Park Hyatt Vienna 

Park Hyatt Vienna 
Source: Hyatt

(£444 pn, Am Hof 2, 1010 Wien, Austria): Set in the former Bank of Austria headquarters, this hotel blends opulent marble interiors and chandelier-lit rooms with modern design. With a gold-kissed spa and flawless service, this five-star hotel provides a unique stay in the heart of Vienna.

2. Hotel Sacher Wien 

Hotel Sacher Wien 

(£538 pp, Philharmoniker Str. 4, 1010 Wien, Austria): This family-owned luxury hotel is a symbol of 19th-century European high society and offers a historical ambiance, excellent restaurant, and central location. It’s best known for its secret recipe chocolate cake, the Sachertorte.

3. Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna 

Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna 
Source: Kempinski Hotels

(£379 pn, Schottenring 24, 1010 Wien, Austria): This hotel, located inside the Ringstraße, perfectly blends history and modernity. Enjoy loose-leaf tea and warm apfelstrudel in the glossy lobby-lounge, filled with the gentle lull of jazz.

4. Hotel Altstadt Vienna

Hotel Altstadt Vienna 

(£195 pn, Kirchengasse 41, 1070 Wien, Austria): Celebrating the artistic spirit of Vienna, Altstadt boasts rooms designed by prominent architects and designers. It’s a hyper-stylish, eco-aware escape brimming with an impressive collection of contemporary art.

5. The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna 

The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna 

(£288 pn, Schubertring 5-7, 1010 Wien, Austria): This 202-room hotel is housed in four grand 19th-century buildings on the Ringstraße, offering an elegant spa and luxury stay close to the city’s main attractions.

6. Hotel Beethoven 

Hotel Beethoven Vienna

(£107 pn, Papagenogasse 6, 1060 Wien, Austria): This boutique hotel lets guests immerse in Vienna’s rich musical heritage. Located opposite the Theater an der Wien, where Beethoven once composed his opera Fidelio, it offers a uniquely warm welcome with free afternoon tea and weekend chamber music concerts.

7. Do & Co 

Do & Co Hotel Vienna

(£262 pn, Stephansplatz 12, 1010 Wien, Austria): Housed in the postmodern Haas Haus, this hotel offers front-row views of St Stephen’s Cathedral. With urban-chic design, flawless service, and a restaurant serving phenomenal food, it’s a class act in the old and new Vienna.

8. Hotel Bristol Vienna 

Hotel Bristol Vienna 
Source: Marriott

(£248 pn, Kaerntner Ring 1, 1010 Wien, Austria): This hotel next to the opera offers a taste of Vienna’s pre-war era, where artists and thinkers made global waves. With art deco styling and discreet luxury, it’s a retreat into the past.

9. Max Brown 7th District 

Max Brown 7th District Vienna
Source: Max Brown Hotels

(£85 pn, Schottenfeldgasse 74, 1070 Wien, Austria): This cool hotel in Vienna’s vibrant neighborhood offers a more local experience. It has a popular restaurant and stylish lounge space, perfect for soaking in the casual-chic vibe.

10. Hotel Imperial 

Hotel Imperial Vienna

(£321 pn, Kärntner Ring 16, 1015 Wien, Austria): Experience a slice of royal life in this grand hotel built for the Prince of Württemberg in 1863. With Michelin-starred dining, it sits right on the city’s monumental Ringstrasse boulevard.

11. Rosewood Vienna

Rosewood Hotel Vienna
Source: Rosewood Hotels

(£583, Coburgbastei 4, 1010 Wien, Austria): Housed in a beautifully renovated 19th-century building, this hotel embodies the musical spirit of Vienna. A rooftop bar, restaurant, and spa complete the luxury offering.

12. Hotel Motto Vienna 

Hotel Motto Vienna 
Source: Hotel Motto

(£150 pn, Schikanedergasse 11, 1040 Wien, Austria): This boutique hotel cleverly combines Vienna’s storied history with French-inspired glamor. An innate sense of fun pervades the premises, making your stay delightful and unique.

13. Hotel am Stephansplatz 

Hotel Am Stephansplatz 
Source: Hotel am Stephansplatz 

(Stephansplatz 9, 1010 Wien, Austria): This eco-friendly hotel offers a peaceful stay right in the heart of Vienna, directly opposite St Stephan’s Cathedral. Despite being in the city center, sound-proof windows ensure quiet nights.

14. Hotel Topazz 

Hotel Topazz Vienna

    (£199 pp, Lichtensteg 3, 1010 Wien, Austria): This boutique hotel in Vienna’s first district stands out for its innovative architecture. The subtly glamorous interior is replete with Wiener Werkstätte-inspired designs, perfect for sightseeing and sunset cocktail sipping on the roof terrace.

    15. The Guesthouse 

    The Guesthouse Vienna
    Source: The Guesthouse Vienna

    (£257 pp, Führichgasse 10, 1010 Wien, Austria): Situated in the city center, this hotel shares its square with the Albertina, Opera House, and Sacher Hotel. The property, once a youth hostel, now transformed into a vibrant hotel, is a preferred choice for travelers.

    16. Gratzl Hotel 

    Gratzl Hotel Vienna

    (£89 pn, various locations): This unique hotel concept by The Urbanauts sees empty ground-floor shops converted into unique accommodation. Guests can choose where to eat and which services they require from a network of “fellows” in the neighborhood.

    17. Das Tyrol 

    Das Tyrol Vienna

    (£159 pn, Mariahilfer Str. 15, 1060 Wien, Austria): A four-star property located on Vienna’s longest shopping street, it offers beautifully appointed accommodation, a gourmet breakfast, and an impressive art collection.

    18. Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design

    Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design

    (£118 pn, Lange Gasse 13, 1080 Wien, Austria): Celebrating Austria’s esteemed winemakers, this hotel stands out for its modern design, wine-centric theme, and highly rated breakfast.

    19. DAS TRIEST 

    DAS TRIEST Vienna
    Source: Das Triest

    (£114 pp, Wiedner Hauptstr. 12, 1040 Wien, Austria): An italophile design hotel with a nautical theme, Das Triest is an oasis of light and peace in one of inner-city Vienna’s most lively neighborhoods.

    20. Hotel Lamée 

    Hotel Lamée 
    Source: Hotel Lamée 

    (£128 pn, Rotenturmstraße 15, 1010 Wien, Austria): This hotel pays homage to Austrian-American starlet Hedy Lamarr. With its 1930s swagger, gold-kissed rooms, knockout roof terrace, and unrivaled Stephansdom views, it’s the perfect stage for romantic liaisons.

    Final Thoughts: Unraveling Vienna’s Hospitality Gems

    Vienna, renowned for its rich cultural tapestry and timeless elegance, is not just a city of music and history but also a haven of hospitality. The 20 exquisite hotels listed above, each with its unique charm and offerings, ensure that every visitor finds their perfect abode in the heart of this beautiful city. From grand palaces evoking royal grandeur to boutique stays capturing the artistic spirit, these hotels truly encapsulate the diverse and vibrant spirit of Vienna. Embarking on a journey through the cobblestone streets of Vienna, these accommodations serve as your home away from home, painting your Viennese tale with strokes of luxury, comfort, and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re seeking a romantic retreat, a cultural exploration, or a simple restful sojourn, Vienna’s finest hotels stand ready to welcome you into their charming embrace.

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