Copenhagen Stay Guide: Unpacking the Best Districts and Hotels

Updated on 12 Aug 2023

Hey there, globetrotters! It’s your pal Lizzy, back from my latest adventure in the fabulous city of Copenhagen. It was love at first sight with the city’s rainbow-colored houses, sustainable green spaces, and those ridiculously romantic canals.

Seriously, Copenhagen has a special charm – a place where bikes outnumber cars and possibly even folks. The city’s laid-back vibe, plus a stellar quality of life, makes it perfect for a quick getaway or an extended vacay.

What really caught my attention was how compact the city is. Each of Copenhagen’s neighborhoods felt like its own little world, each brimming with its unique character. It was such a joy to explore and discover where I felt most at home.

In the upcoming posts, I’ll be sharing my favorite corners of Copenhagen and why I couldn’t help falling in love with them. This should help you figure out which spots will match your travel style and budget. Get ready as we embark on this Danish adventure together!

The Copenhagen Diaries: Your Handy Guide to The City’s Coolest Stays

So, let’s take a stroll together through the beating heart of Copenhagen. From cool, designer boutiques to budget-friendly hostels, I’ll share some of the top spots to crash in the Danish capital. Fasten your seatbelts, and let’s explore the best places to recharge after a day of adventures!

Indre By: The Perfect Launchpad

Indre By Copenhagen
Source: Scandification

If you’re a first-timer in Copenhagen, chances are you’ll start your city exploration from Indre By, Copenhagen’s heart. This neighborhood is just gorgeous, with historic harbor houses, the queen’s digs, the city’s main art museum, and of course, the magical Tivoli Gardens. It’s a must-visit for anyone new to the city.

Here are my top picks for staying in Indre By:

BUDGET: Generator Hostel – This hip hostel offers both private rooms and dorms, and comes with a lively bar, a cozy lounge, and even a game room. Plus, it’s smack in the middle of the city, right near Kongens Nytorv.

MID-RANGE: Hotel Skt. Petri – This chic hotel is tucked inside a former department store and features spacious, minimalist rooms and a restaurant that whips up some killer Nordic cuisine.

LUXURY: Nobis Hotel – Housed in a grand old building from 1903, this luxurious hotel mixes modern Scandinavian design with classic elegance. Their on-site restaurant, Niels, is a foodie’s dream, serving up innovative Nordic dishes.

Frederiksberg: Where Fashion Meets Elegance

Frederiksberg District
Source: Visit Copenhagen

Frederiksberg, with its chic boutiques and trendy cafes, offers a taste of the high life. If you’re into fashion and crave a bit of peace, you’ll love the area’s beautiful parks and a picture-perfect castle.

Here are my top picks for staying in Frederiksberg:

BUDGET: Cabinn Scandinavia – This no-frills hotel has small, clean rooms with private bathrooms, and the bonus – free Wi-Fi.

MID-RANGE: Radisson Collection Royal Hotel – This place is an eye candy, designed by the famous Arne Jacobsen. The rooms are comfy and classy, and the Alberto K restaurant at the top gives you a dining experience with city-wide views to die for.

LUXURY: The Avenue Hotel – This fancy boutique hotel offers beautifully decorated rooms and a cozy lounge area with a fireplace – perfect for chilling after a long day of shopping.

Nørrebro: A Foodie’s Paradise

Nørrebro Copenhagen
Source: Visit Copenhagen

Nørrebro is a cultural melting pot, serving up a smorgasbord of dining options, from Michelin-starred spots to cozy, unpretentious cafes. You’ll also find the historic Assistens Cemetery, the final resting place of the famous Hans Christian Andersen.

Here are my top picks for staying in Nørrebro:

BUDGET: A&O Copenhagen Norrebro – This budget-friendly hostel offers both dormitory-style and private rooms, with amenities like a shared kitchen and a lounge area.

MID-RANGE: Ibsens Hotel – This hotel offers a range of rooms and is famous for its delightful organic breakfast. Plus, they host a daily ‘cozy hour’ where guests can enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or local beer.

LUXURY: Hotel Kong Arthur – Housed in a restored 19th-century building, this hotel offers cozy rooms and suites with all the comfort you need. Plus, it has three in-house restaurants, a bar, and a spa for that extra touch of luxury.

Vesterbro: The Artistic Alley

Vesterbro Copenhagen
Source: Visit Copenhagen

Vesterbro was once a rough neighborhood but has transformed into a cool hotspot, known for its artsy galleries, top-notch coffee shops, and trendy restaurants.

Here are my top picks for staying in Vesterbro:

BUDGET: Urban House – This modern hostel is perfect for young travelers, with colorful communal areas, private rooms and dorms, and even a tattoo shop.

MID-RANGE: Hotel Astoria – Next to the Central Station, this Art Deco hotel offers comfortable, stylish rooms and a delicious organic breakfast.

LUXURY: Villa Copenhagen – This high-end hotel features luxurious rooms and a slew of amenities like a rooftop pool, fitness center, and several dining options.

Amagerbro: Get the Local Vibe

Amagerbro District
Source: Wikipedia

Amagerbro, a popular residential area, is where you get the true local flavor. It’s filled with quirky shops, awesome cafes, and local joints.

Here are my top picks for staying in Amagerbro:

BUDGET: Cabinn Metro – This budget-friendly hotel offers straightforward rooms with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay.

MID-RANGE: Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers – This eco-friendly hotel offers comfortable rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, and an on-site restaurant that serves delicious sustainable cuisine.

LUXURY: AC Hotel Bella Sky – This stunning hotel offers sleek rooms with a view of Copenhagen that’ll take your breath away. Plus, they have a wellness area with a sauna and steam room, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring.

Lizzy’s Last Thoughts on Copenhagen’s Cozy Corners

As your fellow wanderer, I had a blast sharing this guide with you, just as much as I loved my time in Copenhagen. Each district in this delightful city has its own personality, catering to every kind of traveler and every kind of budget.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor interested in the history-rich Indre By, a fashion lover who wants to splurge in Frederiksberg, a food enthusiast ready to devour Nørrebro, a hipster seeking the offbeat Vesterbro, or someone wanting to live like a local in Amagerbro, there’s a perfect spot for you in Copenhagen.

From budget hostels to luxury suites, Copenhagen’s got all bases covered. My hope is that my recommendations help you find the best stay, making your Copenhagen story truly personal. After all, that’s the beauty of traveling, right? It’s your adventure, and it’s unique to you.

So until our paths cross in another city, stay safe, keep wandering, and keep creating amazing travel stories!



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